Every Clear Bra Project Is Welcome

Yes, we do like to showcase some of the higher end vehicles that we've had the priviledge to clear bra in our Denver shop, however, Colorado Clear Bra welcomes any make and model of vehicle. Actually, the majority of our customers who trust our expert clear bra services all drive vehicles that you may see out on the road more often that say a Ferrari! We favor no projects, and ultimately want your vehicle, any vehicle, to shine on for years and years using our professional clear bra application methods. We guaruntee that you and your vehicle will be happy that you scheduled an appointment with Colorado Clear Bra 

If you don't believe us, visit our gallery page, which lists all of our clear bra projects in a list by the make of the vehicle. You'll be able to see the VAST range of vehicles that have come through our shop. And then after that, visit our services page to pick out the clear bra package that will fit your vehicle.


Ford Explorer - 18" platinum and bumper

Ford Explorer


Chevy Silverado - 18" platinum and bumper

Chevy Silverado


Subaru Crosstrek - 18" platinum and bumper

Subaru Crosstrek


Toyota Land Cruiser - 18" platinum, bumper and tint

Toyota Land Cruiser


Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee