Charles P.

I just had a 2017 Acura MDX done with their Platinum package. The waiting room is clean, has snacks and a beverage, and the bathroom was spotless! I was taken over to my vehicle and they went over everything I wanted done with XPel material. The work was quick for the extensive material I had applied and the material was excellent. It is much better than the company that did my last two vehicles (that guy's material had a slight orange peel look to it). This material is very clear and you can hardly tell it has been applied. Colorado Clear Bra was very efficient and I think, for what I had done, the cost is reasonable. I will definitely recommend Colorado Clear Bra to my friends, even though I live way up in the mountains. It was certainly worth the time and effort to drive to Denver. And here's the real benefit of waiting ... the waiting room is nice and comfortable with real reading material (Road and Track; Time magazine; Motor Trend). There wasn't a two year old copy of Ladies Home Journal anywhere to be seen! My doctor should take note.