John H.

I called Kirby a month ago when I my 2018 Tesla was going to be delivered and scheduled to basically pick it up from the dealership and drop it off with Kirby at Colorado Clear Bra. I really didn't want to drop it off because I wanted to keep driving it! But I did, and I'm very glad I got it in so quickly. He the clear bra, as well as the tint and some extra places on the car that I asked him to hit because I thought they'd be 'high traffic' areas and I'm glad he did. The customer service was great, that's not too important to me because that should always be standard. Holy cow the job he did was fantastic. The tint looks amazing and the clear bra you can't even tell it's been installed. I was very picky with who I picked to do my car. Most expensive car I've ever owned and I treat it like a baby. You won't be disappointed taking it here, they do an excellent job. I really can't rate them high enough. I even brought it back a few weeks after it was done (his request) so he could check out all of the corners and make sure it looks great. No problems at all. 6/5 stars!