Jonathan B.

I had a positive experience with CCB from the very start to the end. I had researched clear bra/tint companies in the area but wasn't satisfied with what I saw and/or read. When I came across CCB, I was impressed with not only the Yelp and Better Business Bureau reviews, but also the make/models of vehicles he has worked on prior -- all three of these influenced my decision to call. Kirby was friendly and answered all my questions within my first phone call; I felt good about setting up an appointment at that point to have my new car taken care of: front window tint and clear bra applied. I was very happy with the results -- then (April, 2018) to now -- and very impressed with the vehicles in the garage. People who own high-end cars put their trust in him and his company, which says a lot. I would highly recommend Kirby's business to anyone.