Admittedly, I am a very picking person when it comes to my vehicles. As such, I spent quite a bit of time researching installers all over the Front Range. After finding a lot of great reviews (BMW forums, Yelp, etc.) I sent Kirby a quick email to inquire about prices and got a response that afternoon. I called to set an appointment and went to his shop with my new 2013 Maxima on a Saturday. The first thing that you'll notice is how clean and organized the shop is. That alone speaks volumes about how Kirby approaches his work. The waiting area was the same... immaculate with tons of magazines, cold drinks, TV, stereo, wifi etc. The front of the Maxima has a lot of curves, angles etc. and Kirby really spent his time to nail the install to a T. He wraps the leading edges of the clear bra around corners, hoods, etc. so that it is as clean of an install as possible. This alone makes a huge difference in my mind and again shows how serious he is about his work. He encouraged me to come into the work area during the install to learn about the process and watch him work. Kudos for that. Anyway, I could go on for pages about the quality of the work and how pleased I am. I also live in Highlands Ranch, so it was not a close drive... but one I would do again in a heartbeat for a top notch job. I sure hope Kirby is still doing his work the next time I buy a new car, because there is nobody else on the Front Range I would trust for the job. A+.