Paul G.

I bought a new car this week and was considering getting a clear bra applied at the dealership. I thought I'd see what my options were and Colorado Clear Bra popped up here on Yelp. I called Kirby and he gave me a price quote to install XPel clear bra (my preference) instead of 3M. His quote was similar to the car dealership except:  he included a package with hood, headlights, fenders and mirrors! A much better value, especially considering he was going to apply the XPel product. When I called Kirby, he asked if I was available on the day I called. I drove over there (all the way across Denver from Aurora South. He quickly worked me into his schedule. When I arrived, he had several high-end European cars in his garage. Obviously, the word has gotten out to high end owners that Kirby is the guy to go to. After a short wait in his nice waiting room, he was done applying the product and my car looked great. Definitely worth the 40 minute drive and the price. If you or anyone you know needs a clear bra, run (or speed) over to Colorado Clear Bra!