Tim S.

Why I chose Colorado Clear Bra to do an Xpel 18" Platinum installation on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner limited. First because he has package deals on his Clear Bra installs, every other shop I called in Aurora charged a higher price and everything was extra IE Headlights, Mirrors and door handles with Colorado Clear Bra it was a package. Second was price, Kirby charged a fair base price for the Clear Bra saving me around $100 if I went with a local shop in Aurora. Kirby Thompson is professional and an artisan in performing the installation. Since I lived far away from his location, it was good to have that kind of support. The reason I chose Colorado Clear Bra was the vast level of experience that he has. Start time was 2:00pm and I was out the door by 3:30pm Kirby Thompson is a class act and well worth the drive from SE Aurora to Arvada to get my clear bra installed.