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Colorado Clear Bra Blog

Tesla Clear Bra
The cutting edge in new car technology is here, and it comes in the sleek and stylish form of a Tesla. What better way to keep that sleek exterior protected than having the Colorado Clear Bra specialists apply our advanced clear bra film technology. You do not have to take us at our word, just ask the very many Denver and Colorado Tesla owners who have relied upon our clear bra services to keep their Tesla's exteriors protected. Clear bra is our passion and has become our goal to protect Tesla... Read More
Ford Explorer Clear Bra Project
Yes, we do like to showcase some of the higher end vehicles that we've had the priviledge to clear bra in our Denver shop, however, Colorado Clear Bra welcomes any make and model of vehicle. Actually, the majority of our customers who trust our expert clear bra services all drive vehicles that you may see out on the road more often that say a Ferrari! We favor no projects, and ultimately want your vehicle, any vehicle, to shine on for years and years using our professional clear bra application... Read More
Porsche owners all across Colorado trust us with their exquisite vehicles, and trust our professional service and top-notch clear bra quality more than any other clear bra shop in the area. A Voodoo Blue Porsche recently made it's way through our shop, followed closely by a racing edition 911, and we were both excited and proud to be taking care of such rare vehicles. Our clear bra professionals and expertise made sure that these Porsche's were clear braed with the utmost attention to detail... Read More
Future Benefits of a Paint Coating
All drivers have had the experience of washing their vehicle and discovering dings and scratches that were not there before. Or, they have misjudged where their parking spot ended and brushed their front bumper against the concrete curb. These small incidents are more than annoying, they can lead to scratches or chips in the paint that compromise the metal underneath. This will ruin the appearances of otherwise sound vehicles and reduce the resale values of their cars. This is why Clear Bra... Read More
As the premier Denver clear bra professionals, we sure do love when hot new cars come through our shop. We take great care to ensure you that your sporty new vehicle is in good hands when applying our clear bra film, whether you receive our base 18" Platinum package, or go all the way and recieve our Full Wrap package. We've been applying clear bra's to Porsche's since our inception, and is a favorite vehicle manufacturer of Colorado Clear Bra's owner! The Porsche brand of vehicle presents a... Read More
Even people who are adamant about using sunscreen whenever they are spending time outside will forget about the risks they face from the sun when they are riding or driving in their vehicle. Inside a vehicle people are sheltered from wind and rain. It is a climate-controlled environment, just like a house. This can make it seem like being inside, so the worry of sun exposure is not always considered. Of course most homes do not have as much of their exteriors covered with glass as vehicles do.... Read More
McLaren 650S Clear Bra
Colorado Clear Bra are the Denver area's premier shop for clear bra services. We help you protect your vehicle's exterior and increase the longevity of your paint. We have a variety of packages that you may choose from, from a simple 18" wrap, all the way to our Full Wrap Package, all of which can be seen on our Services page. Some of our favorite vehicles to clear bra are the extremely challenging racing quality vehicles, with which we have had many privileged opportunities to service. You can... Read More
The front bumper on a vehicle takes a lot of heat. Bugs, rocks, and all sorts of other items tend to smack the front of the vehicle. These flying objects do not discriminate over a 1999 Camry or a 2016 Lexus. Everything has an equal chance of being damaged by anything. This problem went largely unanswered in the past. Fortunately, a number of companies have begun providing a new type of product for vehicles. It is called the Clear Bra. Vehicle owners who are seeking to preserve their vehicle... Read More
BMW Clearbra
Here at Colorado Clear Bra, we specialize in protecting your BMW or any other vehicle, with our professional clear bra services. Whether you purchase our comprehensive Full Wrap Package, 18" Platinum Plus, 18" Platinum, or Gold package, you are sure to be satisfied with your clear bra, and you vehicle will be thanking you for years to come! You can view our full list of services and packages by visiting our services page. We've had a lot of BMW's come through our shop, and we anticipate many... Read More
Range Rover Clear Bra
At Colorado Clear Bra in Denver, we professionally install clear bra's on not only general and sporty cars, but we also install on Sport Utility Vehicles and larger bodied vehicles. Here are just a handful of examples of vehicles we have had the pleasure to install clear bra on: BMW X3   Cadillac Escalade   Ford Explorer   Ford Escape   GMC Yukon   Jeep Grand Cherokee   Jeep Grand Cherokee   Nissan Pathfinder   Porsche Cayenne   Porsche Macan   Range Rover   Range Rover Sport  ... Read More