What our clients are saying


I brought my new Tesla Model Y into Colorado Clear Bra to get the Ultimate Package Suntek installed. Kirby and his team did an outstanding job in a very short amount of time. They delivered superior workmanship and I cannot recommend them enough. If you are looking to protect your new car/truck, Colorado Clear Bra would be my first choice.

Jeff Scheufele

March 29, 2024

 Brought a third vehicle, a full sized F-150, to Colorado Clear Bra for Paint Protection and Tint. As always, Kirby and his crew did an exceptional job! Truck looked better than new when we picked it up, and tint job was perfect. Will keep bringing every vehicle to Colorado Clear Bra for these services!

Mathew Woods

March 04, 2024

Kirby and his team at Colorado Clear Bra offer great quality products with exceptional install quality and a warranty to back it up! He helped me get my 2024 Grand Highlander front end protected and was extremely friendly, professional, and had a high attention to detail. You can tell Kirby is a car guy and is very passionate with his work - and his work reflects that. His Suntek films also give an amazing finish - and I would highly recommend them. If you’re in the market for PPF, trust all of the amazing reviews and make an appointment to see him - you won’t be disappointed.

Alejandro Corral

December 20, 2023

I got a new car and took it to Colorado Clear Coat to protect the paint. Because of the great service, I took it back to them for an additional clear coat and had the same great service. I definitely recommend them.

Juneva Cristobal

December 14, 2023

Did a great job on my clear bra!

Abram Ullrich

November 14, 2023

Took my brand new Model Y to Colorado Clear Bra, straight off the Delivery lot. Kirby and crew fully wrapped the new vehicle with PPF in 4 days, and the results were amazing! This is our second car that Kirby has worked with, and we have been amazed at the results both times. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Matthew W.

November 14, 2023

I would give Kirby and Colorado Clear bra six stars if I could. You cannot get better customer service anywhere. Kirby got back to me with my questions immediately. Terrific value for the money. Colorado Clear Bra will be doing all my vehicles moving forward. The entire experience was absolutely incredible. I simply cannot say enough good things about my experience. Highly, highly recommend Colorado Clear Bra and Kirby.

Dan B.

November 14, 2023

Colorado clear Bra did a fantastic job on my new Tesla! Kirby was very responsive. He returned calls promptly and was able to fit me in on a Saturday so I could have my car back in time to go on a driving trip. Kirby was easy to communicate with about what my needs were and where I needed the clear bra installed. It was an amazing job, and I was surprised to find out that there was a great warranty that came along with the clear bra installation. I highly recommend Colorado clear bra and will definitely use them again when the need arises.

Cheryl L.

November 14, 2023

Kirby and his team put on a full front clear bra and tinting on all windows for us in our new car. Not only did they do a great job but they were competitively priced and professional. Kirby went out of his way to make it easy for us to drop off and pick up the vehicle. And they went over the car two weeks later to quality check their work. We don't think you can find a better company to work with to get your car setup for comfort and paint protection. Definitely recommend these guys. Thanks Kirby!

Ray W

November 14, 2023

I've now had 2 cars that Kirby and his team have worked on for me at Colorado Clear Bra and I couldn't have been happier with both experiences. In both instances I've done full paint correction, along with clear bra on the front end, and ceramic coating. I'm going to break this review into 2 different parts:

1) Colorado Clear Bra - these guys are top notch in every way. On both of my cars their paint correction, clear bra install and ceramic coating application has been perfect. They are very detailed oriented and know what they are doing, hence their high rating.

Their install is great, but their customer service may be even better. My first car was a new car, and had some paint issues from the plastic wrap at port. Thought it was all fixed after a dealer paid bodyshop trip, but CCB identified a bunch of issues during their detail that I was then able to get corrected after another trip to the bodyshop. That car was sorta cursed, so CCB saw it a few times and on another trip to get clear bra put back on the front fender they noticed some issues from a different bodyshop. They just have an attention to detail that is unmatched. I really appreciated their help throughout both of these process, especially the new car one, and couldn't believe how understanding and friendly they were through all the many back and forth phone calls we had.

2) Product Itself - both the clear bra and ceramic coating are great products. the ceramic coating is especially nice with washing your car or things/dirt just seem to stick to it less which is appreciated at all times of year. The clear bra is great too, and does it's job, however just be aware that if you are regularly driving mountain roads, especially in the winter with the snow/salt/etc, that you still will get some nicks/scratches in your car/clear bra. If you do drive those types of roads, it will absolutely help prevent chips/scratches, but just don't expect perfection.

That being said, I'll absolutely continue doing the paint correction/clearbra/ceramic process on my cars, and Colorado Clear Bra is definitely where I'll be taking those cars.

Chris Goswiller

November 13, 2023

Amazing service - highly professional. Full window tint on my subie. Highly recommend!

Tom DeAngelis

October 23, 2023

The detail in which Colorado Clear Bra installed my clear bra and my window film plus the warranty. OMG, Kirby and crew knocked it out of the park!These folks are top notch, I will always be able to Highly recommend Colorado Clear Bra.

Troy Roberts

October 19, 2023

We had two cars to get done with a new clear bra. One of them was in an accident just prior to our appointment so they took the other car and completed that on time and with quality. The car with the accident was repaired and Colorado Clear Bra had only a couple of days to do the clear bra before that car's owner (my daughter) had to have it. They completed the task on time and with quality. They were great to work with. This was the second time I've used them and they've done a top notch job both times. I'm extremely happy with the work they did and would recommend to anyone to use their services.

Mark Wick

September 28, 2023

Completed my car while I waited. Definitely recommend Colorado Clear Bra.  

Steve Kadinger

September 28, 2023

Kirby and crew are the top pros in town. They will make sure the work is perfect.

Steve Everist

September 20, 2023

Sooo grateful that we hooked up with Kirby & the crew at Colorado Clear Bra all those years ago so that we, & especially our vehicles, cars (sporty & otherwise), SUVs & a truck or 2) can benefit from their expertise, & especially the protection that's provided. Even though "bras" have been replaced by PPF (paint protective film), Kirby's service stays up-to-speed with the application of the stuff that really works, rather than trying to sell you some "snake oil magic". If you care for (OK, "love") your wheels, CCB's the place to go!

Pete Toth

September 12, 2023

Amazing and detailed work. Always hesitant to bring my vehicle to new automotive service places, but these guys really bailed it out of the park. Really honest and informative regarding the process and when asking questions. Would recommend anyone to come here for a wrap.


September 11, 2023

Kirby did an absolutely amazing job on the clear bra and tint for my wife's new GTI. His work is flawless, they're kind and professional, and to a big-time gear head that all goes such a long way. Thanks you guys!

Acorn Glass

August 14, 2023

My second appointment with Kirby and Colorado Clear Bra. Both applications have been very professional. Kirby is responsive and a perfectionist.

Jeff Davies

July 24, 2023

I had a wonderful experience with Colorado Clear Bra. I bought a new and wanted an extensive clear bra, ceramic paint protection, and window tinting. This is quite an investment, and I did a lot of research before I chose my shop. They got me in in less than a week, did fantastic work, finished up a little bit early so I could get home before the storm hit. They were honest, devoted, showed great attention to detail, and very pleasant to work with. I would recommend Kirby and his crew without hesitation. Do yourself a favor and consider this team first. It is wonderful to work with this level of professionalism when you make a big investment.

Nancy Stanton

July 13, 2023