All drivers have had the experience of washing their vehicle and discovering dings and scratches that were not there before. Or, they have misjudged where their parking spot ended and brushed their front bumper against the concrete curb. These small incidents are more than annoying, they can lead to scratches or chips in the paint that compromise the metal underneath. This will ruin the appearances of otherwise sound vehicles and reduce the resale values of their cars. This is why Clear Bra Protection is such an important resource.

The Protective Benefits

The Benefits of a paint coating are many. The durability of the coating will prevent scratching and dings from small road debris or other concerns like people leaning against the car. Any messes will be easy to wipe off without any damage to the paint. Even air pollution will be no concern, as the coating will protect the paint from this as well.


The Aesthetic Benefits

There is more to clear coating than just stopping scratches. They help to keep the color of the vehicles vibrant and add a beautiful sheen. They provide a slick coating that causes water and mud to form beads on the finish and makes it easier to spray away.

The Wrap Solution

The Benefits of a paint coating are impressive, especially when using Denver Clear Bra. The clear bra is the leading brand of wrap that is often added to the front and bottom of cars to reduce the damage common with use. However, this same clear wrap can be added to the entire vehicle. It protects the paint from sunlight, debris, and even other concerns like tree sap or bird droppings.

Proper Wrap Care

With the Clear Bra Denver, vehicle owners can clean their vehicles with a microfiber cloth and a gentle detergent and water. The film never needs to be buffed or paste waxed. A spray wax can applied and wiped away with a soft cloth to polish the vehicle as needed. If dirt or dust is on the vehicle, always wet before wiping away to prevent any damage to the film.

Benefits of a paint coating include having a cleaner, shinier, and mar-free finish throughout the life of the vehicle. When the film is removed, the paint underneath will look like it was just applied. It will help the vehicle to retain its value and will prevent those marks and paint chips that make a fastidious owner furious. Learn more about this simple method of keeping a car finish protected without constant waxing and worrying.