Factory Authorized Opti-Coat Pro + Installer

Take ceramic coating one step further, and you’ll witness the shine and pristine never seen before. Opti-Coat Pro Plus Premium Ceramic Coating is the ultimate solution for all your ceramic coating needs.


The moment you drive your brand new vehicle away from the dealership, it becomes highly exposed to the environment, such as bird droppings, bug stains, mud, road salt, etc. Eventually, over time, the showroom shine starts to fade away, and this is where OPTI+ comes in.

Opti Coat Pro Plus Premium Ceramic Coating chemically bonds with the factory clear coat that protects your car against all sorts of environmental elements.

We know you have invested in the car of your dreams. Why not invest in its ultimate protection then?
While ceramic coating provides superior protection against small scratches, dust, and small mudrocks, the Opti Coat Pro Plus premium got you covered for all types of nasty swirl marks and paint fading.

How is Opti Coat Pro Plus Premium applied?

The devil is in the details. At Best Clear Bra, we don’t simply open up a pack and apply it to your car. There is a precise process where we pour all our sweat and tears to ensure the OPT+ Premium is applied perfectly. Here is how it is applied:

1. It all starts by washing and drying your car

We thoroughly wash your car with a specifically designed formulation for your car and dry it afterward using a microfiber cloth. This is the first process of prep work that goes into readying your car for OPT+ Premium.

2. Decontamination of the surface

The Best Clear Bra technician carefully decontaminates the surface.

3. Application of Base Coat

Our technician will now apply a base coat, which acts as the first layer of protection against acidic substances such as bird droppings and acid rain. The ceramic particles will condense to form a dust and scratch-resistant paint protection film, fused to the factory paint.

4. Final Top Coat

The topcoat is applied, which adds another layer of final protection against acidic environments to your car. It enhances gloss and intensifies the color whilst protecting the factory paint. The end result is a superhydrophobic finish that lasts as long as 5 years without damaging your car’s surface and paint.

Why is Opti Coat Pro Plus Premium Different?

Opti Coat Pro Plus Premium is unlike any other ceramic coating available in the market. It was built to provide superior protection to your vehicle, with the ability to withstand swirls, scratches, and paint fading permanently. It is an advanced chemical formulation, much harder than the typical ceramic coating.

The paint protection film or coating you choose for your car needs to provide the ultimate protection that it needs. The OPTI+ Premium ensures an extra layer of protection to intensify your vehicle’s gloss and pristine looks. As a premium product, it also comes with a 7-year warranty.

The Opti-Coat Pro Plus Premium is up to 2 microns in thickness, nearly 100 times thicker than the typical wax and sealants. This makes OPT+ Premium highly durable with revolutionary paint protection lasting for 5 years.

The OPTI+ Premium is highly resistant to bird droppings and other highly acidic environmental substances. Unlike a typical ceramic coating, OPT+ Premium won’t be damaged when it comes in contact with these substances.

The appearance of your vehicle has a significant impact on the trade-in or resale value. If the paint is eroded, faded, or oxidized, it will drastically decrease the value of your car.

OPTI+ Premium easily helps you retain that factory pristine and gloss, thereby maximizing your returns on investment.

What are the benefits of Opti Care Pro Plus Premium Ceramic Coating?

The OPTI+ premium is an advanced version of a ceramic coating having extreme chemical resistance. Here are some of the benefits of using OPTI+:

It increases your car’s trade-in value and protects the factory paint for a long time, as much as up to 5 years.
Enhanced protection of factory coats.

An extra layer of added and permanent protection against hard swirl marks and bird droppings.