Thanks to their wide range of price points, Teslas are the most popular electric vehicle in America. No matter which Tesla model you choose, you'll want to maintain its showroom sheen for as long as possible.

If you're serious about protecting your Tesla, you need to cover it with a clear bra from an auto detailer. Only professional bra installers can ensure that your car gets the coverage it needs.

Read on to learn all about clear bras, how they protect your vehicle, and what to expect from a professional installation.

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What Is a Clear Bra?

A clear bra, also known as paint protection film (PPF), is a layer of polyurethane applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle. It helps protect the car's paint from road damage.

Polyurethane is the ideal material for this paint protector. It's lightweight, so it won't affect the performance of your vehicle. It's also incredibly strong, even though it's stretched into a thin sheet, and is resistant to corrosive material.

Some motorists only use protective bras on the parts of their cars most susceptible to damage, but, if you're looking for the maximum amount of protection for your Tesla, it's recommended that you cover your entire car in PPF. 

As its name suggests, a clear bra is totally transparent. You won't have to worry about it changing your car's appearance if you don't want it to.

On the other hand, you might be looking for something to add a bit of flair to your Tesla. Some kinds of PPF can add a glossy or matte look to your car.

The Many Benefits of Clear Bra

This material is the perfect match for vehicles like Teslas. You'll be able to hit the road with confidence knowing that PPF has your car protected.

Protection from Road Debris

The number one benefit of installing a protective bra on your Tesla roadster is protection from road debris, that can cause rock chips.

No matter how well-maintained the streets are, this debris is unavoidable. It's only a matter of time before a car in front of you kicks up a bit of gravel and sends it flying into your front bumper. With PPF installed, you won't have to worry about cosmetic damage to the bumper or auto paint.

If you own a Model Y, you might have already experienced this damage. These cars have distinctively-shaped bumpers, which are a magnet for small rocks and gravel. A clear bra for Tesla Model Y will keep it safe.

Protection from Corrosive Elements

Thanks to the nature of polyurethane, PPF will keep the paint of your Tesla safe from all sorts of corrosive damage. 

Bird droppings are the most common kind of chemical damage that cars experience. It's high in uric acid and has a pH of 3, meaning it's quite acidic. It doesn't take long to eat away at your car's paint and clear coat.

Acid rain and road salt are other typical causes of corrosion.

Fortunately, your protective bra provides a barrier of protection from corrosion, no matter the cause.

Protection from the Sun

The sun's UV rays won't be able to penetrate your PPF and oxidize your paint. The highest-quality bras also resist this kind of damage and they won't become discolored.

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Makes Cleaning Easy

This kind of paint protective material will prevent the accumulation of dust on the exterior of your car. It'll be much easier to clean when the time comes for a car wash, and it may even lengthen the time between washes.


Clear bras are often touted as being a self-healing paint protector. When something like a small rock impacts your car, the protective layer absorbs the damage. Over time, ambient heat will restore the polyurethane to its original smooth state.

Protect Your Investment

Purchasing a Tesla represents a significant investment, and few things lower a car's value faster than preventable damage. If you ever plan to sell your Tesla, keeping it in pristine condition is important. Prospective buyers will immediately notice damage to the vehicle.

A clear bra protects your Tesla, so you'll be able to get top dollar on the resale market.

If selling your car isn't something you're planning on doing any time soon, PPF is still a sound financial decision. It will save you money on cosmetic maintenance.

Importance of Professional Installation

If you want to install a paint protective layer on your car, you need to have the work performed by a professional. You're certain to regret going the DIY route.


Professionals are skilled detailers. They know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to wrapping a vehicle in bra paint protection film. They'll trim excess film while ensuring you get the maximum amount of protection, and they'll effortlessly work the material into even the hardest-to-reach areas of the car.

When they're finished, passersby won't be able to tell your Tesla is covered by a protective bra.

High-Quality Materials

Detailers will use the best, most trustworthy paint protective products. Inferior quality clear bras are prone to a number of issues.

Poor-quality PPF will experience sun damage, and yellowing is the most common sign of low-quality film. You don't want this marring the beauty of your new Tesla, so visit a professional that uses first-rate materials.

Blistering and Peeling

Sometimes, these protective bras develop blistering or peeling issues. This is often the sign of amateur installation.

Avoid the headache of these unsightly issues by having your paint protector installed by a pro.

What to Know Before Getting a Clear Bra

A clear bra will provide incredible protection and will certainly be a worthy purchase. However, before you invest in one for your Tesla, you should be aware of a few things. 

Paint Correction Comes First

The purpose of this material is to protect the paint of your vehicle, so you'll want to make sure that the automotive paint is in good condition before applying it. You'll need to have swirl marks buffed out and other necessary paint corrections performed before installation.

If you have a brand-new Tesla and are thinking of getting this kind of paint protector, act quickly. You'll save a significant amount of money by avoiding the upfront cost of corrective paintwork.

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Can't Provide Complete Protection

Your car's bra will serve you well for years. In fact, a professionally installed, high-quality one can last upwards of five years, but it won't protect your vehicle forever. The rocks and debris it's protecting your car from will eventually wear away at the polyurethane material.

This material also can't provide protection from major damage. It won't protect your car if something large, like a tree branch, falls on top of your Tesla.

Can Be Expensive 

Clear bras are the ultimate in cosmetic protection, and that kind of performance doesn't come cheap. Having one installed on your car is an investment of its own.

Of course, it's absolutely worth the price. It guards your Tesla against depreciation and saves you money on cosmetic paint correction services.

Caring for Your PPF

PPF has fewer maintenance considerations than other kinds of paint protectors, but there are still a few key things to be aware of. Staying vigilant will help you get the most out of it.

Wait to Wash

It takes at least 48 hours for PPF to fully bond to a vehicle's paint. During this time period, do not wash your car. Water could ruin the adhesive that binds the polyurethane layer to the paint.

Use Gentle Cleaning Products

This paint protective material makes cleaning your car much easier. Dirt and dust should rinse away with ease, so you won't need to use much force to dislodge dirt.

You should also avoid abrasive cleaning solutions, as those could damage your car's protective layer. Regular automotive soap will do just fine.

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Use Care When Pressure Washing

Many people find that using a pressure washer makes the car washing process easier. If you decide to use one when washing your Tesla, take care to avoid the edges of the protective film.

If you accidentally catch an edge, the force of the pressure washer could displace the film.

Wipe Away Staining Substances

Your PPF is protecting your car from chemical stains, but those things can cause damage if they're not removed.

Corrosive material can eventually eat away at your clear bra, causing stains or lapses in its protective abilities. While some road salt shouldn't send you into a panic, you should remember to wipe your car clean when you have the opportunity.

Colorado Clear Bra: Your Bra Installers

Clear bras are one of the most robust paint protective materials on the market. They'll keep your Tesla's paint safe from road debris and corrosive chemicals.

When you have one applied to your car, enlist the help of professional bra installers. If you do, you'll avoid many of the issues this kind of paint protectant faces.

Looking for the best clear bra Denver has to offer? Colorado Clear Bra is your PPF destination. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get your Tesla covered today.