With so many options available, it may get difficult for you to choose the right type of ceramic coating service provider in Denver. And you’d be totally right. As a car owner, you deserve to know your options. How to select the right ceramic coating services in Denver? What do they cost? How will they take care of my car when I am away? We’ll be answering these questions in detail. How long will the coating last?  To learn more read How to Choose a Reliable Ceramic Coating Installer.

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A quick search on Google for Denver ceramic coating services will reveal nearly 3 million search results. This can be very confusing for an average Joe to decide on a reliable service provider. Having served over 20,000 clients in Denver, you can rely on our advice when it comes to selecting the most reliable ceramic coating service provider.

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before settling on a professional ceramic coating company in Denver.


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1. Ask Your Friends or Family Members

Word of mouth is still a great deal and a powerful marketing tool for the most reliable companies. Ask any of your friends or family members where they got their car ceramic coated. Don’t take any review with a grain of salt. Your friends or family members are the closest in your circle and will mostly provide you with unbiased opinions.

2. Google Reviews on Denver Ceramic Coating Installers

Do a quick search on Google and read the reviews of existing clients. We like to remain unbiased and transparent in our review, but our current standing at Google is a whopping 198 reviews with a 4.9-star rating. So far, it is the highest in the Denver area. And of course, none of them are fake. They are genuine customers that have invested in protecting their cars.

Ideally speaking, any Denver clear bra services should have no less than a 4.5 rating. Ok, we are bragging about ourselves, so let’s continue to our next point.

3. Take price quotations for clear bra and ceramic coatings

Every car detailing service provider in Denver should ideally have a professional and easy-to-navigate website with a query form that you can submit for price quotation. Even better, you can call their number and ask for a price quotation.

Since every customer is different, we’d strongly suggest that you visit the dealer, and let him quote prices after looking at your car’s condition. Survey a few service providers in your area, and get an estimate on price, and timeframe.

Most of the ceramic coating professionals in Denver charge between $900 to $2000. If you are being charged higher than this price range, you might be getting ripped off.

We agree that professional Denver ceramic coating is costlier than DIY ceramic kits, but it also comes with peace of mind.

4. Ask for a warranty

Many dealers and clear bra detailers will provide a warranty of 5 or more years. While it is true that ceramic coating provides the longest protection of your car as compared to sealant or wax, a guarantee of 5 years can sometimes be misleading.

In reality, a ceramic coating can last anywhere between 3 to 5 years, given you wash your car regularly and take great care of it.

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At Best Clear Bra, we take great pride in being upfront about our pricing, warranty, and the type of professional-grade nano-coating products we use on your car. It is, for this reason, we are the most reviewed service provider on Google.

With over 20,000 clients served, we know how to take care of your car and maintain that shine for years to come.

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