The paint job of a car is usually the first thing people notice. It is also the first part of the exterior that begins showing normal wear and tear. So it is a given that a paint job will eventually show minor damages from driving, like scratches and chips. Fortunately, there is a way to protect the paint job on your vehicle.  Read our Guide to The Cost of Automotive Paint Protection Film,

One example of defense is black leather and vinyl bars that wrap around the hood and front bumper to protect paint jobs. Unfortunately, these solutions are unsightly, potentially worsen fuel efficiency and eventually wear down the paint underneath them. There is a better solution.

The ultimate solution to this problem is a paint protection film or wrap. These films and wraps can be applied by yourself or for a flawless exquisite installation by a trained and experienced shop, like Colorado Clear Bra

What exactly is a paint protection film

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What Exactly is a Paint Protection Film?

3M originally developed Paint protection film (PPF) for military operations during the Vietnam War. The Department of Defense needed a product that would protect the exterior of helicopters from shrapnel and debris. Before long, the engineers at 3M delivered an immensely resilient urethane film that was easy to apply and withstood the harsh conditions of warzones. 

Over decades, engineers refined PFF from the urethane used in Vietnam to the current iteration of products for the civilian automotive market. Current PPF products are manufactured by a multitude of companies and made from a variety of materials. PPF now has many nicknames that include:

  • Clear Wrap
  • Car Protection Film
  • Clear Mask
  • Clear Bra

Many industry analysts expect PPF to continue increasing in popularity because of its affordability and long-lasting nature

Now that you know what PPF is, you may be wondering how much it costs and how long it lasts. Let’s take a look. 

The Cost of PPF

There is a wide range of factors that affect the cost of PPF or clear bra installation. Every job is different, and the total cost of every job varies. The price of installing PPF by a professional installer can range from hundreds of dollars to several thousand dollars. 

Pro installers look at many factors to determine price:

  • Vehicle condition
  • Amount of PPF
  • Difficulty of installation
  • Additional protection products

The Condition of Your Vehicle

Evaluating vehicle condition is where every PPF installation begins. The paint condition on your vehicle must be in pristine shape before any PPF is applied. Most times, a car straight off the dealer lot still needs touch-ups. Common defects in brand new vehicles include chipping, scratches, and swirl marks. 

These flaws take time to fix, and technicians must correct them before PPF installation. The more defects in the paint, the more time a technician has to spend fixing up the paint job before a clear bra or any other PPF installation. 

Based on these findings, the prep work on your car could range from zero dollars to a thousand dollars. It will all depend on the condition of your paint and how much work it needs to become PPF-ready.

The Amount of PPF Coverage

The total amount of PPF and where you want it applied to change the price of your job. Many jobs call for PPF on the most vulnerable areas like the front bumper, rocker panels, rear wheel arches, and hood. Other jobs call for PPF application over the entire external service of a vehicle. 

The difference in pricing between these two types of jobs is significant. More coverage requires more material, increasing material costs and time to install. Usually, labor costs derive from the amount of material so expect higher overall costs on jobs that require large amounts of PPF installation.

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PPF installation on yellow car

Difficulty of Installation

Every model of vehicle has a unique installation process. Some are easier than others, and some require more attention to detail and precision work than others. Jobs that require more shaping, molding, and contouring cost more than jobs with smooth surfaces and simple angles.

Additional Protection Products

Some car owners opt to have other protection products installed while they are having PPF done. The most popular of these products is window tinting and ceramic coating:

The more additional services you decide to have installed, the higher price of the job, but the overall protection of the surface of your vehicle increases markedly.

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Is PPF Safe & How Long Does It Last?

PPF is safe to apply over a clear coat. Most owners are choosing PPF over traditional waxes, ceramics, and sealants due to its innocuous nature. PPF is removable; however, once you remove PPF from a surface, PPF cannot be installed again. 

PPF offers long-term protection and typically lasts anywhere from five to ten years based on the quality of the application and the amount you drive the protected car.

What is Ceramic Car Coating?

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Protect Your Car Today

Clear bra, ceramic coating, and window tinting are all excellent products to protect your car from damage. The cost of professional installation varies with the requirements and scope of a job. Despite the costs of installation, the benefits of a professional PPF install far outweigh attempting it yourself. 

Colorado Clear Bra offers professional, clear bra installation in affordable packages for all of your PPF needs. Do not wait; reach out to Colorado Clear Bra now to learn how to keep your vehicle pristine and beautiful

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