The first car was invented in 1886, and ever since then, people have been trying to find all sorts of ways to protect their cars. Auto window tint is one of the most popular methods to accomplish this. But how much does car window tint cost, and how can you know if it's the right choice for you and your car?

Is the cost to tint really worth it? What about dyed window tint? Keep reading and learn more about the cost of window films below and if window films are what your car really needs. 

denver woman applying auto window tint to car window

Why Should You Get Your Car's Windows Tinted?

Before you even consider the tint price, the first thing you should know about window tinting is that it is very effective at protecting the inside of your car against the sun's UV rays. Many people don't know that the sun's rays are actually horrible for a car's lifespan. 

This is because UV rays have the ability to damage a car on a molecular level. This is due to the fact that UV rays can cause molecules to break apart. When you let sunlight flood into the interior of your car without any protection, you will find that your car seats, the headboard, and every other part of your car's interior will start to fade as a result. 

Once this happens, there's virtually no way to fix the sun damage unless you want to rip out the entire interior of your car and replace it. This, of course, is a lot of work and a lot of money. You can avoid this problem by choosing Denver auto tint.

Window tint film options do wonders for protecting the interior of your car. A tint job is able to block out the majority of the sun's rays so that the sun won't wreak havoc on your car seats and other car features. You can also reduce heat in your car by opting for a tint job.

The Details

But there are more benefits than just sun protection when it comes to auto tint, and it doesn't matter what type of tint you get. The other main benefit is more privacy in your car. Without any kind of ceramic window tint, people are able to see right into your car. 

This may make your car more of a target for robbers. Besides that, you might not feel comfortable sitting in your car where everyone can see you. When you get your car windows tinted, it is a completely different story. 

While you obviously can't tint your windshield, you can tint the back window and the side windows. That way, you are mostly surrounded by window tint, and it will be much harder for people to see into your car. Any kind of automotive window tint will not only help you feel more secure but will also deter potential robbers since it will be harder to see if you have any valuables in your car. 

But what about the price?

man and woman driving car with windshield sun glare

How Much Does Auto Tint Cost?

There are many types of window tint options to choose from. You might prefer a certain level of tint or you might prefer certain dyed films. All of these options will affect the overall price of the tint job. 

The price will also depend on how many windows you get tinted. For example, if you only want to tint the rear windows and not the rest, then you won't need to spend as much to tint a car. At the minimum, you will likely end up spending around $100 for the most basic auto winter options. 

If you want more advanced options, then the auto tinting costs will go up, and you may end up spending several hundred dollars. Some options may cost you as much as $400 or even $600. For example, ceramic tint is one of the most expensive options you can choose. 

This is because this type of tint is very high-quality. It also protects your windows more than any other type of film and offers a lot of protection against the sun's UV rays. Not only does this tint make your windows more durable, but it also helps keep your car from getting too hot. 

What You Need to Know

If you want to add a bit of style to your car, you can always opt for dyed window tints. Dyed tints are actually the most affordable type of vehicle window tint you can possibly buy. The downside of this type of tint is that it isn't very durable, not even against the sun. 

For that reason, you might start to notice some signs of damage in this tint only a few years after getting it installed. Even so, you'll only need to spend around $100 or so on this kind of tint, so it is perfect for anyone on a tight budget. Another popular type of tint is the carbon window tint. 

This tint is more expensive than dyed tint but not quite as expensive as ceramic window tint. It is quite durable, reduces heat inside your car, and can help block the sun's UV rays from entering your car. This type of tint will render your windows quite dark, darker than what dyed window tint can accomplish. 

This type of tint tends to be better than those that are metalized. In particular, this film's prime benefit is that it is very good at reflecting heat and helps you stay cool. Even if you leave your car baking in the sun, this type of tint should still keep your car's interior relatively cool.

blue jeep grey sports car with dark tinted windows

What You Need To Know About Auto Window Tint

How much does auto tint cost, you might ask? It mainly depends on what kind of window tint you get and how many windows you get tinted. At the most basic level, you may spend around $100. For more expensive types of tint, such as ceramic coating tint, you may end up spending several hundred dollars. 

You will also spend more if your car happens to have very large windows. To learn more, contact us here.