Ceramic Pro is becoming increasingly popular among car owners and detailers for its notable benefits. This surface protection technology has made car washing and maintenance much easier, but it doesn’t stop there. It can also enhance the visual appeal of your car. But what exactly is this coating material and how does it work?

This article discusses what is Ceramic Pro and why it has become a household name among detailers and car enthusiasts. 

What is Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a liquid nano-ceramic coating that acts as a permanent, invisible glass shield when applied. When fully cured, Ceramic Pro has a hardness of 9H, which is about three times that of a clear coat. This makes it the hardest protective ceramic coating available today. The technology makes your car appear glossy and repels dust and grease, keeping the vehicle clean always.

Ceramic Pro is also the name of the brand that developed this coating technology.

Benefits of Ceramic Pro

Ceramic-Pro has myriad benefits, including keeping your vehicle clean and greatly minimizing washing time and effort. In addition, it forms a permanent bond with your car that will never wash off or deteriorate. 

Can be Applied to Various Car Parts 

Ceramic Pro isn’t restricted to your car’s paint; it is a perfect protective surface for your wheels, glass, carbon fiber, chrome, and leather seats. This creates a comprehensive protective cover for your vehicle. 

Less Maintenance 

It offers a slippery coated surface that doesn’t allow dust, water, bird droppings, or grease to stick. By applying high quality Ceramic Pro coatings throughout your car, washing will become much less frequent and labor intensive, enabling you to enjoy the car for longer periods at a time.

Prevents Corrosion and Oxidation

The hardness of-Ceramic Pro makes it resistant to corrosion. Since it's resistant to oxidation, there’s no worry about your car paint losing its gloss and breaking down over time.

Protects Your Car From the Elements

Water and sunlight can damage your car's paint over time. Thankfully, Ceramic Pro is hydrophobic and resistant to UV rays. This coating technology once applied to the vehicle, undoubtedly gives your vehicle a longer-lasting and the highest level of protection in the coating industry today. 

Saves You Money

It prevents damage from water, corrosion, oxidation, and UV rays and eases your car’s maintenance needs. These save you money since you’ll be spending less on car washing, fixing scratches, and repainting.

Increases Your Car’s Resale Value

Ceramic Pro keeps your car looking new permanently from the inside out. And it’s common knowledge that a newer-looking car attracts a higher resale market value. So whether you decide to resell your car or not, this coating offers you the rare opportunity of driving a vehicle whose visual appeal you can remain proud of for a lifetime.

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How is Ceramic Pro Applied?

It's applied in layers, and each layer must be allowed to fully cure before the next one. Curing can take around nine hours. A complete application involves three products: Nano Primer, Ceramic Pro 9H, and Top Coat. 

Nano Primer

As with regular car painting, a primer is used before applying the main coat during Ceramic Pro application. The primer used here is Nano Primer, which promotes bonding between the next coat and the surface. 

Nano Primer is water-based, silicon-free, non-abrasive, and wax free. 

Ceramic Pro 9H

Ceramic Pro 9H, which is the main protection, is applied after the primer cures. The name “9H” refers to its degree of hardness. In contrast, a normal clear coat has a hardness of around 2-4H. 

Ceramic Pro 9H comprises titanium dioxide and silica dioxide, materials that give the coating its hard and durable properties. It also contains solvents, which dry off when exposed to air, leaving a material almost as hard as glass. 

9H bonds permanently with the primed surface as it gradually cures. Multiple layers of professional grade Ceramic Pro 9H applied to achieve the desired thickness. 

Notable properties include:

  • Anti-graffiti
  • Hydrophobic Effect
  • UV Protection
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Oxidation Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance 
  • Glossy Finish

Top coat

Top Coat is the finish applied to the 9H layer. This material is non-adherent to water, dust, and grime, preventing the car from getting dirty easily. Its hydrophobic nature causes water to bead off in beads.

Being super glossy, the top coat adds to your car's slick, wet look after the application is completed. It has the same resistant properties as 9H, which means it serves to amplify the latter. Consequently, your vehicle becomes intensely shielded by multiple protective layers of Ceramic Pro coating. 

How Does Ceramic Pro Work? 

Now that we’ve seen its amazing benefits and properties, a question lingers. How exactly does Ceramic Pro work? What is the mechanism behind its strong, permanent protective ability? 

Regular car paint or vinyl wrap is porous. Although not visible, the pores may allow bird droppings, dirt, and grime to stick to your car’s surface. Ceramic Pro prevents that by permanently filling up the pore spaces using tiny silica dioxide and titanium dioxide particles. The material is also resistant to UV rays, heat, swirl marks and other elements. In addition, since it fills up the pore spaces, it cannot break down or wash off, thus forming a permanent protective layer of top coat. The coating can only be removed by abrasion.

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Ceramic Pro Products for Other Vehicle Parts

As mentioned, Ceramic Pro doesn’t only work for your vehicle's painted surface. The company offers several Ceramic Pro products suitable for various parts to provide comprehensive protection for the entire vehicle. 

These products are as follows:

Ceramic Pro Sport

Ceramic Pro Sport is a spray-on solution designed to freshen the look of previously treated surfaces. It restores the hydrophobic and UV-resistance properties. However, you may also apply it as a standalone coating. This application isn’t permanent and will hold up for 6-12 months. 

Ceramic Pro Glass

Your windshield and side glasses need protection, too. Ceramic Pro Glass offers that. With a unique blend of silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide, this material bonds with ultra-smooth surfaces such as automotive glass. It repels water, helping to improve visibility when it rains. 

Ceramic Pro CARE

Of course, after investing in a professional ceramic coating for cars, it’s wise to protect that investment. This Ceramic Pro product offers that extra shield. With Ceramic Pro CARE, you can give any material a quick detail spray or protective enhancement. 

Ceramic Pro Leather

Does your car have leather seats? Protect them using Ceramic Pro Leather, a product specially designed for leather seats and dashboards from stains and spills. Your car interior will look brand new for ages.

Ceramic Pro Wheel

This product helps keep your wheels and exhaust pipes dirt free. The coating material also has hydrophobic properties.

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Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film

Different car enthusiasts have varying priorities, one of which is to reduce the tendency of road debris—such as flying rock chips—damaging the automobile’s surface. Two Ceramic Pro products, Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film and Matte Finish Protection Film, address that need. They also amplify your car's visual appeal and glossy finish.

Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film

KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an ultra-hydrophobic and cutting-edge PPF with non-yellowing properties. KAVACA means “Armor” in Hinduism. 

The film contains a top coat of Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film. So when installed on your vehicle, you get an additional hard layer that protects it from rock chip damage while maintaining the gloss and hydrophobic effect.

Matte Finish Paint Protection Film

Matte finish can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but any scratch to the clear coat is very difficult to correct using standard polish. Thanks to Matte Finish Paint Protection Film, car owners can now achieve that matte feel while benefiting from the hardness and ease of maintenance of Ceramic PPF. In addition to the Ceramic PPF composition, KAVACA Matte PPF contains a slight tint that converts the gloss paint job into a matte finish. 

The film offers protection from rock chips and debris on the road. You may also add the Vinyl & PPF coatings for ultimate protection.

Ceramic Pro Window Film

UV rays and infrared radiation can enter the vehicle through the tinted windows and cause damage to the interior. This has always been a concern among car owners.

Ceramic Pro Window Film addresses automobile owners' need for a window tint to protect the interior from UV rays and infrared protection. The company offers two products designed for this, known as:

  • Ceramic IR Window Film
  • Carbon CS Window Film

These Ceramic Pro products can block out infrared radiation and UV rays, protecting your interior and keeping the vehicle cooler for a long time. This reduces the need to leave your car’s air conditioning on at all times during the summer months, especially when it’s parked outside. This is greatly beneficial to Tesla electric car owners, as it leads to longer battery life between charges. 

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Myths and Misconceptions

Some myths are flying around regarding Ceramic Pro. Below, we debunk some of the common misconceptions. 

Ceramic Pro fixes scratches

It does not fill or fix scratches. If your car has a scratch, the best way to remove it is through paint correction. What Ceramic Pro PPF does is to protect your vehicle from further scratching. 

It Protects Your Car From Scratches

Ceramic Pro on its own (9H and Top Coat layers) does not ultimately protect your car from scratch due to high impact such as flying rock chips and debris. You would have to apply the Paint Protection Film to achieve that anti-scratch property. 

You Would Never Have to Wash Your Car

This isn’t true. Although Ceramic Pro coatings keep your car clean for longer, you would still have to wash and maintain it from time to time. Instead, the technology simply makes the washing process much easier and faster since grime doesn’t stick to the surface. 

Final Thoughts

Ceramic Pro is a cutting-edge technology that solves several needs of car owners: aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and protection against damage. Although you may have to spend on several Ceramic Pro products to achieve that comprehensive protection, it will well be worth the investment in the long run. 

To make the most of your investment, ensure only a Denver professional Ceramic Pro installer does the job for you.

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