Ceramic coating made from silicon carbide and designed to protect car paint. It bonds with the vehicle's clear coat and enhances the glossy effect while protecting the surface from environmental elements. Being thicker and far better than wax or sealant, Opti-Coat Pro doesn’t have to be reapplied from time to time. It is only applied once and offers permanent protection against bird droppings, water, dust, and grease.  Are you still wondering "what is Opti-Coat Pro"? Then please continue reading this guide. 

What is Opti-Coat Pro

How Does it Work?

Opti-Coat Pro creates a continuous, protective film over the painted surface. The pre-polymer compound has strong chemical and environmental resistance, so it doesn’t break down when subjected to harsh chemicals or frequent car washes. It’s also resistant to oxidation and UV rays. In addition, this ceramic paint coating has permanent hydrophobic properties, causing water to bead off the surface. This prevents dirt and debris from sticking to the car, meaning your vehicle will stay clean for a long time. 

The superior chemical resistance of Opti-Coat Pro makes it a permanent protective cover for all types of paints available on the market today. Moreover, it’s not restricted to car usage as it is also suitable for protecting metal and plastic surfaces.

Benefits of Opti-Coat Pro 

How does this ceramic paint coating benefit you in the long run? It’s simple. Opti-Coat Pro will save you time and money since it’s a permanent paint protection. You won’t have to spend money reapplying the coating, as opposed to wax which you have to apply several times a year. Furthermore, its chemical and environmental resistance and permanent hydrophobic properties prevent frequent fading, wear, and tear of your car paint. This saves you money due to less regular spraying.

This ceramic paint coating has a 5-year warranty.

Opti-Coat Pro+ 

The company didn’t stop with Opti-Coat Pro. They went on to develop Opti Coat Pro+, an upgrade to Opti-Coat Pro. 

What is Opti-Coat Pro+?

Opti-Coat Pro+ combines the properties of Opti Coat Pro with that of Pro Plus to provide an ultimate layer of protection for your vehicle. Opti-Coat Pro+ enhances the durability of your car’s paint by adding an extra layer of protection with added properties, such as enhanced slickness. 

Opti-Coat Pro is first applied to provide a protective ceramic coating that’s chemical and fade-resistant. Opti-Coat Pro+ is then added as a top coat. This final layer enhances the gloss and slickness of your car’s surface. The aim is to bolster not only the protection of your vehicle but also aesthetics.

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Benefits of Opti-Coat Pro+

Opti-Coat Pro+ offers an ultimate layer of protection for your car’s paint. Applying it to a layer of Opti-Coat Pro increases the paint’s durability, gloss, and slickness. You won’t have to apply sealants or wax because you have a surface with permanent hydrophobic properties while reducing swirls and scratches. In addition, opti-Coat Pro+ doesn’t oxidize, so the shine is for a lifetime. A once-and-for-all shield against the elements. 

It comes with a 7-year warranty.

Opti-Guard Leather: UV Protection for Leather and Vinyl

Aside from your car’s paint, other parts of the vehicle need protection, such as the vinyl and leather seats. Opti-Guard Leather & vinyl is a ceramic and acrylic hybrid resin that protects your vehicle’s leather seats and vinyl parts. It forms a strong bond with automotive leather and vinyl surfaces and protects the surface from early aging and cracking. 

Opti-Guard Leather has hydrophobic properties, helping to prevent water damage in your car’s interior. 

Opti-Guard Leather and Opti Coat Pro are designed by the same brand, Opti Coat. The company aims to ensure your car’s interior and exterior are well-protected for a lifetime. 

It comes with a 5-year warranty.

applying opti guard leather to car seat

Opti-Guard Fabric

Are your car seats made of fabric? You are not left behind. The company developed Opti-Guard Fabric to create a stain-resistant coating for fabric seats, carpets, and other textile surfaces. These materials are naturally prone to moisture. Thankfully, Opti-Guard Fabric forms a strong bond with the fibers to prevent wetting and staining when in contact with liquid. The strong bond also prevents the coat from pulling away during cleaning and maintenance. 

Optimum Gloss-Coat

Optimum Gloss-Coat is designed to offer lasting protection to car wheels, aluminum & chrome surfaces, bumpers, plastic trims, and painted surfaces. It provides improved resistance to scratch, mar, UV rays, and chemical etching while improving gloss and shine. 

Optimum Gloss-Coat bonds well with the surface as long as any imperfection is removed from the surface before application.

Final Thoughts

Your car is arguably one of your most prized possessions. You want it to look permanently brand new; you want it to be something you could remain proud of five years from now. It therefore requires all the care it could get. 

Opti-Coat Products offer that ultimate layer of protection that keeps your Denver vehicle looking brand new for a lifetime, in and out. 

Opti-Coat Pro creates a continuous protective film on painted surfaces.

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