Even people who are adamant about using sunscreen whenever they are spending time outside will forget about the risks they face from the sun when they are riding or driving in their vehicle. Inside a vehicle people are sheltered from wind and rain. It is a climate-controlled environment, just like a house. This can make it seem like being inside, so the worry of sun exposure is not always considered. Of course most homes do not have as much of their exteriors covered with glass as vehicles do. It is also not typical behavior for people to open the window of their home and hang their arm out or sit in the direct sunlight in their home for hours at a time.

Damage Happens Fast

Skin damage from UV rays can begin in as little as 15 minutes. The average commute time in the United States is just over 24 minutes. Doing this twice a day, five times a week for a number of years can lead to the same skin concerns as someone who lies out on the beach or regularly visits a tanning booth. Even though the skin may not be exposed long enough to burn that does not mean it is not experiencing damage. It does not require direct sunlight for problems to develop, because even on cloudy days the UV rays can be a problem. And sun damage occurs when the windows are rolled up too. While all auto glass has some level of sun protection, none of it is high enough to provide adequate protection. In fact, the side windows typically have the lowest SPF rating of all automotive glass. Typically it is only rated around SPF 16.

Avoiding Skin Cancer

With window tinting in Denver, everyone can reduce his or her risks of premature aging and the potential of developing skin cancer. This is not a small concern. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and currently one in five people in the U.S. are expected to develop the disease at some point in their life. Avoiding too much sun exposure is the most reliable method of reducing the risk. Studies have shown that people are more likely to develop skin cancer on their left side, if they are a frequent driver. This risk is not just for the driver. Because the vehicle is surrounded with windows, the rays can put every passenger at risk too. By applying window tint in Denver, this risk can be instantly avoided. Window tint films are available that will block more than 99 percent of UV rays and the investment is minor considering the benefit it provides.

Protecting the Vehicle

In addition to helping the driver and passengers in a car, Denver window tinting protects the upholstery too. UV rays are as damaging to the upholstery as they are to human skin. Because the upholstery is exposed to the sun much longer every day, it will experience even more damage in a shorter period of time. This is why many vehicle interiors begin to fade and vinyl seats and plastic dashboards may begin to dry out and crack. The skin is experiencing the same type of damage, but people are often unaware of it happening because it takes longer to become apparent. Unfortunately, just like with the car interior, once it is noticeable it is too late.

Additional Tinting Benefits

Applying window tint in Denver not only protects people and the upholstery, it can make the car more comfortable as well. It will reduce the interior temperature in the summertime by blocking out those harsh rays. It improves safety, because if a vehicle is ever in an accident, the film can prevent the windows from shattering. Tinting also provides a lot of privacy and is often a good theft deterrent because it makes it harder to see any contents inside the vehicle. Tinted windows are also an attractive feature that can add to the appearance and value of the vehicle.

Anyone can get skin cancer. Even pets are not immune to this devastating disease. With tinted windows, every person, pet and piece of upholstery in the vehicle is protected. Since most people are not going to want to apply sunscreen and put on a wide-brimmed hat before every car trip, it is a simple solution that offers a lot of benefits. Rather than adding more things to remember to a morning commute, it is easier to save time and energy by calling a Denver window tint specialist. It is a service that can be done quickly, only needs to be completed once and will require no extra effort on the part of the vehicle owner to maintain. Clear film is also available for drivers who do not wanted tinted windows on their vehicle. It offers all of the benefits of tinted film, but does not change the appearance of the vehicle.