What our clients are saying


Kirby and team did a great job with my car, and finished right on time too. It’s clear that Colorado Clear Bra takes their business seriously and strives to exceed the expectations of even the most detail-oriented customer (like me). Thanks Kirby!! Looking forward to working together again.

Scott B.

June 06, 2018

Colorado Clear Bra is top notch! I highly recommend them for your clear bra needs. Service is great and the quality is amazing. The best, best, best place to get your clear bra!

Joe H.

April 30, 2018

I have had them do two motorcycles and I have been very happy with their work and shop. Great people!

Donna S.

May 03, 2018

Kirby and team did an amazing job. They were able to get me in that week in time to go up to the mountains the following weekend. The waiting room was comfortable with free wifi, drinks, coffee and snacks. The price was fair, the quality was excellent and the overall experience was fantastic. I would highly recommend if you want to protect your car. They are very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable asking questions knowing that they weren't going to try to upsell me on something I didn't need.

Ben K.

April 04, 2018

Great work, unbelievable product, and outstanding customer service. Very nice waiting room with snacks and drinks. Kirby did an excellent job and I will be taking my vehicles to him from now on. He allowed me to watch the install on the clear bra, and talked me through the process. Keep up the great work Kirby.

Kyle P.

March 06, 2018

I could not be more pleased with the clear bra installations that Kirby performed on three of my classic BMWs. Kirby is very skilled, meticulous and is extremely careful when working on rare cars with high-end paint jobs. Kirby demands perfection from himself and went out of his way to ensure I was completely satisfied with his work. As an example, Kirby replaced a large section of clear bra right after he installed it on my car when he found a tiny flaw in the clear bra material. If he would have not pointed the flaw out to me I would never have noticed it. It is that type of thing that makes it very easy for me to recommend Kirby to anyone needing a clear bra installed on his or her vehicle.

Bryan Lancelot

January 01, 2014

The owner Kirby did an excellent job on my Porsche. I got the full wrap package which included the full hood, front bumper, fenders, a-pillars, and mirrors. Kirby also covered the front part of the roof without extra charge. I dropped my car off on Friday night and he was done on Saturday afternoon. The material on one of the mirrors started pealing at the corner and Kirby quickly corrected it and actually showed me how he applies and cuts the material when I got it fixed. I would defiantly recommend Colorado Clear Bra to anyone looking to get a clear bra on their vehicle. This in one of the only places in Colorado that actually does a full wrap without seams and wraps the material around the edges when possible.

Jonathon Kuo

January 12, 2014

First of all, I am not one to write reviews, but when someone goes beyond the call of duty to please his customers, I had little choice! I had Had Kirby place a 3M clear bra on my Mini back to February. Everything looked great when I left the shop and headed down to Florida to spend six weeks with my family. When I arrived in Florida I noticed the clear bra just looked a little distorted in the Florida sun. I contacted Kirby from Florida, thinking he would tell me to fly a kite, due to the fact that the Bra looked just fine while at the shop/ To my surprise Kirby informed me that as soon as I returned from Florida to set up a time for it to be replaced; needless, to say I was shocked! This kind of customer service in today's consumer world is RARE! Six weeks later I was at the shop and although the distortion was very mild, there where no questions asked, and was informed that if I was not happy either was Kirby! After the second bra was installed Kirby told me that if I was not pleased with the second bra he would do it a third time... I am sure that to most people the they would find nothing wrong with the first install. But I am a bit over the top.For picky clients (like myself)I would be happy to refer anyone to Kirby's shop.He is a true pro at his craft and goes the extra mile to please his customers..5 star rating!!!

John Michael's

January 22, 2014

I was looking for someone to re-do some clear bra on my 2007 BMW 650. I went to the internet and found Colorado Clear Bra. The owner, Kirby showed up to my house 15 minutes early, got the job done promptly, and didn't do a good job...he did a GREAT job! It looks absolutely PERFECT and I would highly recommend Colorado Clear Bra to anybody.

David Fried

January 27, 2014

Colorado Clear Bra did an amazing job protecting my 2012 Camaro 45th Edition! Being my daily driver I knew the carbon flash metallic paint job needed tobe protected from the Denver highways year round. Having driven it for nearly a year with the complete clear bra protection and not a single blemish in my paint, I know I made a wise decision. To top it off, recently I got a few scratches in the clear bra on my hood, so Kirby had me bring in my car at no cost and had his detailer buff out all the blemish! From now on I will bring all my new vehicles to Colorado Clear Bra to keep them looking fresh and chip free!

Adam Carewe

January 30, 2014

I purchased the tint and clear bra package and I have to admit I have never been more satisfied. Not only did their professionalism well exceed my expectations but it shadowed in comparison to the quality of work they did on my car. Without any question I will be a returning customer. 5/5 stars!

Nathan Dunn

February 04, 2014

The best clear bra that I have ever had! Professional environment, and great service. I have had the clear bra for about three years now and it still looks perfect.The only thing I regret is not taking my other cars to Kirby before the paint got ruined.


February 13, 2014

After recently painting the hood and applying new decals to my '82 Jeep Laredo, I had Colorado Clear Bra cover the entire hood and now it looks even better than it did when I bought it way back in '82! Kirby's a real pro when it comes to installing clear bras and I wouldn't trust my vehicles to anyone else!

Mike Martin

February 16, 2014

Like many of the other review posters here I am also quite picky when it comes to who gets to touch my vehicles. Kirby was kind enough to work with my schedule and was more than happy to give me a Sunday appointment to get the Platinum Package installed on my 2013 Silverado. Kirby's shop is impeccably clean and his attention to detail is awesome. I noticed he goes through a ton of scalpels during the installation which really shows the high level of quality he strives for. He was quite friendly, knowledgeable, and walked me through the installation process, care, and showed me how he rounds his corners and wraps the edges to keep the material from peeling. His waiting room is very clean and there are tons of magazines to read in addition to his snacks and fridge he has available for customers. Add on a 10yr warranty at a great price and I was sold. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again!

Jeff D.

February 17, 2014

I could not be happier with the service, quality of work and professionalism of Kirby. Would never go anywhere else.

Andrew H.

March 02, 2014

Admittedly, I am a very picking person when it comes to my vehicles. As such, I spent quite a bit of time researching installers all over the Front Range. After finding a lot of great reviews (BMW forums, Yelp, etc.) I sent Kirby a quick email to inquire about prices and got a response that afternoon. I called to set an appointment and went to his shop with my new 2013 Maxima on a Saturday. The first thing that you'll notice is how clean and organized the shop is. That alone speaks volumes about how Kirby approaches his work. The waiting area was the same... immaculate with tons of magazines, cold drinks, TV, stereo, wifi etc. The front of the Maxima has a lot of curves, angles etc. and Kirby really spent his time to nail the install to a T. He wraps the leading edges of the clear bra around corners, hoods, etc. so that it is as clean of an install as possible. This alone makes a huge difference in my mind and again shows how serious he is about his work. He encouraged me to come into the work area during the install to learn about the process and watch him work. Kudos for that. Anyway, I could go on for pages about the quality of the work and how pleased I am. I also live in Highlands Ranch, so it was not a close drive... but one I would do again in a heartbeat for a top notch job. I sure hope Kirby is still doing his work the next time I buy a new car, because there is nobody else on the Front Range I would trust for the job. A+.


March 12, 2014

6 stars - very happy with service and product. This is the place to go. Kirby is an artist and craftsman with very high skills and talent. This is the only place I will ever go. Thanks again Kirby for the great job on my corvette.

Charles Izzo

March 17, 2014

I had an Xpel Ultimate clear bra installed on my Chevy Sonic. Immaculate shop and workmanship. Fast friendly service. You can tell Kirby has pride in his craft and it  shows in his work.. I am already recommending Kirby to everyone I know that has a new car. If you go, you will not be disappointed. I Plan on going to him again to get some parts wrapped with carbon fiber wrap.

James B.

March 20, 2014

Just got my Audi Q5 but have been doing my Clear Bra homework for about 6 weeks. Colorado Clear Bra came highly recommended by friends and on Yelp and the prices were highly competitive so I opted to go here. The first thing that struck me - the garage is impeccably clean and neat, and Kirby (the gentleman who did the work) was very open and friendly. After two hours my car was done and Kirby reviewed the installation with me. I had the platinum package and rear bumper done and the work was beautiful. Thank you Colorado Clear Bra!


March 24, 2014

I recently purchased a 2012 Harley-Davidson touring motorcycle. Wanting to protect my investment with a clear bra. I did some research on the internet. Colorado Clear Bra came up numerous times with very positive reviews. After talking to Kirby, I promptly scheduled an appointment.  Kirby  who is the owner installed a custom hand cut clear bra on my motorcycle that is exactly what I wanted. In addition, Kirby added custom details to the install. Such as clear bra on the bottom of the storage bags to protect them when removed. Impressive! While  the clear bra was being installed on my motorcycle. I got to see other examples of Kirby’s fine work. This included a full front-end clear bra on a Nissan GTR and a custom carbon fiber wrap on a German sedan. Kirby was kind enough to share with me some of the processes of these installs. Kirby’s attention to detail is just amazing. Kirby’s  professional and personable disposition gives you confidence that the job will be done right and most importantly, that he will take care of your property.  I will be using Colorado Clear Bra services again and will be recommending that my family and friends do the same. Very Satisfied Customer.

Christopher Lotz

April 20, 2014