What our clients are saying


Colorado Clear Bra and Kirby are top notch. Attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident in all of his work. If you are are a car enthusiast or simply looking to protect your investment... I would highly suggest checking out Colorado Clear Bra. I've had multiple vehicles in for Kirby to work on and have come away every time happy and impressed with the results. I've told neighbors and friends that the place to go for Clear Bra work is Kirby. I am on the other side of town and have no issue in driving to his shop knowing the quality of work is going to be great. Highly Recommend!

Mike K.

September 09, 2014

I am as picky as they come. You know the type; 2015 Corvette owner, Engineer.... Nothing is ever good enough. But Kirby did an excellent job. I actually had him pull off the film installed by another installer using a "kit" and recover the bumper, full hood, fenders, headlights, rockers and full doors.  With the other installer I had over a dozen bubbles from 1/32" to 1/4", film short of the edges by 3/16ths and film hanging over by 3/16ths, film coming lose on the nose and under the rockers, and white streaks under the film on the hood. I had none of that after Kirby was done.  He even encouraged me to stop by and check on him as he progressed. I am so convinced he and his methods are the best I am handing out his cards to everyone!


December 15, 2014

Why I chose Colorado Clear Bra to do an Xpel 18" Platinum installation on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner limited. First because he has package deals on his Clear Bra installs, every other shop I called in Aurora charged a higher price and everything was extra IE Headlights, Mirrors and door handles with Colorado Clear Bra it was a package. Second was price, Kirby charged a fair base price for the Clear Bra saving me around $100 if I went with a local shop in Aurora. Kirby Thompson is professional and an artisan in performing the installation. Since I lived far away from his location, it was good to have that kind of support. The reason I chose Colorado Clear Bra was the vast level of experience that he has. Start time was 2:00pm and I was out the door by 3:30pm Kirby Thompson is a class act and well worth the drive from SE Aurora to Arvada to get my clear bra installed.

Tim S.

January 04, 2015

Kirby is extremely professional, has a very clean shop and a really nice waiting area. He was a pleasure to work with and his prices are VERY reasonable!

Jesse M.

January 21, 2015

I've just had my second car clear bra'd by Colorado Clear Bra. The quality of his work is outstanding, his prices are very reasonable, and he has your car ready when it was promised to you. Don't be fooled by these auto dealers who try to sell you their "car specific, laser cut" clear bras, that end 1/8" before the edge, at double the price. Kirby hand trims everything which allows him to wrap the entire edge. Wish I would have found him earlier in my car owning experience, I'll never trust another car to anyone else.

Todd D.

January 22, 2015

Kirby did a great job on my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Hard Rock edition. He was on time, on budget and answered any of my questions. Quality of his work is great. I would highly recommend this business. Kirby takes the time to wrap as much as he can, his cuts are clean & well thought out. I am really happy with the finished product.

Mark Z.

January 26, 2015

Colorado Clear Bra was extremely professional, detailed and fair. I had them remove the clear bra installed by another installer just weeks prior because it was peeling, bubbling, ghosting and just poorly applied. Kirby did an excellent job. As perfect as could be. He also encouraged me to return if any spots were noticed. He was as picky as I was, maybe more! I highly recommend Colorado Clear Bra.

Steve J.

February 03, 2015

I just picked up my Lexus GS430 from Kirby yesterday and I couldn't be happier with the work. I researched quite a few places and was ready to go with a company that, frankly, would have cost a little less. What I went with was my gut feeling having spoke to both business owners. Kirby was always responsive to my calls and worked to accommodate my schedule. Even letting me drop my car off on a Sunday. He has the space to safely store your vehicle so no need to worry about having outside, exposed to the elements and potential criminal activity. In this day of shady businesses and business owners, it's refreshing to work with someone you can trust. You won't have to take a picture of your odometer worrying about someone taking a joyride in your vehicle or worry about any loose change you leave in the vehicle - it will be there when you pick it up! I will definitely bring my vehicles to Kirby in the future and won't waste time with anyone else.

Danie V.

February 03, 2015

I bought a new car this week and was considering getting a clear bra applied at the dealership. I thought I'd see what my options were and Colorado Clear Bra popped up here on Yelp. I called Kirby and he gave me a price quote to install XPel clear bra (my preference) instead of 3M. His quote was similar to the car dealership except:  he included a package with hood, headlights, fenders and mirrors! A much better value, especially considering he was going to apply the XPel product. When I called Kirby, he asked if I was available on the day I called. I drove over there (all the way across Denver from Aurora South. He quickly worked me into his schedule. When I arrived, he had several high-end European cars in his garage. Obviously, the word has gotten out to high end owners that Kirby is the guy to go to. After a short wait in his nice waiting room, he was done applying the product and my car looked great. Definitely worth the 40 minute drive and the price. If you or anyone you know needs a clear bra, run (or speed) over to Colorado Clear Bra!

Paul G.

February 15, 2015

I recently had Colorado Clear Bra apply a 24" Platinum Xpel Ultimate package to my new Porsche Cayenne turbo last Saturday and Kirby did an awesome job!  I called on Saturday two weeks ago to get an estimate and he was able to get me on the schedule for the following Saturday.  He had me drop the vehicle off last Saturday at 9am and then called me around 4pm to let me know that it would be ready for pick up around 5pm. When I picked it up he went over everything with me (including the warranty) to make sure that I was happy with the results.  He reduced the price by $50  since I did not want the headlights done, which I thought was pretty cool and was totally unexpected.  I had the film applied to the hood, front bumper, mirrors and door handles and the total cost with tax was $663 less than the dealership offered to charge me for the same product.  I was again pleasantly surprised when his assistant called this afternoon just to follow up with me a week later to make sure that I was still happy with the results.  I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for a quality product, applied by a true professional at a fair price.  My Boxster S has an older 3M clear bra that was applied at the Dealership so I will definitely be bringing this in to have it replaced. Thank you for an exceptional experience... I'll see you again in the Spring!

Jason Q.

February 22, 2015

Kirby has installed clear bras on several cars for me, and always does a phenomenal job. His prices are very reasonable (cheaper than dealerships for much better work), can't beat the warranty, and the waiting room is great. I wouldn't go anywhere else for clear bras or tint.

Nate K.

March 01, 2015

I recently had my tint done and I was genuinely impressed with the way it came out. The tint makes my car look so much sharper. I'm elated with the service I was provided. The staff was extremely friendly. The waiting room was clean and welcoming. I was happy I didn't have to wait too long. Many thanks to the staff for their hard work, getting it right the first time and for following up with me a few days later to check on the results!!!!

Amber M.

March 10, 2015

I got the whole front of my 2014 Raptor clear bra'd and it looks amazing. Kirby, the owner, is the man!!! He does every job himself to ensure quality and that is exactly what you get. Everything he does is custom. He is a perfectionist and extremely meticulous with his work. It's hard to find people who pay attention to detail these days. I researched 6 places before I went to Kirby and he clearly (no pun intended) was the best. He is a little more expensive than the others but it's for a good reason and it shows in the quality of his work. The only thing I regret is not getting my tint done by him.

Mitch F.

March 18, 2015

Nice clean shop, install was done right and exactly in the time frame promised. The waiting room is clean and welcoming with healthy snacks and drinks (and friendly dogs to pet while your waiting too!) The whole experience was great. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing tint or clear bra.

William S.

April 27, 2015

Based on outstanding reviews of his work, had Kirby install Xpel over the entire front of my new 2015 Subaru Outback. I bought the car in Colorado Springs and am very pleased I took the drive to Colorado Clear Bra in Arvada. Kirby's work is perfection and beat all Colorado Springs installers hands down on price, providing a greatly improved coverage over what they offered. I'm just completing a cross-country trip with the car and his work has protected the car beautifully. A thoroughly nice guy and a true professional - I highly recommend Kirby and Colordo Clear Bra! Thanks again!!

Bob S.

May 17, 2015

Kirby did a great job with my vehicle and the quality of product he uses is exceptional. The combination of his expertise, neatness, product quality, and reasonable prices made this decision a no brainer. You will not be disappointed.

Steve M.

May 20, 2015

I don't have a ton of free-time and I'm not one to write reviews, however, I had to make time because I want other consumers to know about my experience with Colorado Clear Bra. Kirby is the absolute best at what he does. His quality of work is impeccable. And I'm very particular about things. Very. Within the past year I've taken three Audi's to Kirby. He installed a clear bra (full-wrap package) on two, opti-coated another, and took some nasty sap off of the 3rd car. I couldn't find one imperfection in anything he did. He finished the work when he said he would and didn't add on any extra costs like other companies sometimes do. I will always use Kirby. I'm glad I found him, even though I had to do quite a bit of research and interviewing of other companies before finding him.

Tracy A.

June 09, 2015

Kirby, the owner of Colorado Clear Bra, is a wonderful individual, and his work mirrors him. All work is done with perfection, is very reasonably priced, and the business is operated to the highest standards. The shop is clean and well organized, and the scheduling is done with complete consideration to the individual's time. If you ever think of having a clear bra done on your vehicle, visit Kirby before anyone else, and never have this service done at a dealership.

Jim B.

June 17, 2015

In a word: EXCELLENT! The best in Denver, bar none. Kirby is a pleasure to deal with and really makes his customers feel at ease with the process. It was hard to drop off my brand new Tesla with him for 3 days after just picking it up, but it was worth it to know that it's now protected straight from the factory. I got his front wrap package which includes the full hood (not something his competitors seem to understand at this price point), A-pillars, the front of the pano roof, full bumper, nose cone, etc.. His pricing was straightforward over the phone because he actually has done quite a few Teslas and came highly recommended for good reason in the Tesla owners community. He knows what he's doing and I wouldn't go anywhere else for my future business.


August 03, 2015

Hands down the best clear bra installers I've ever met! They were so meticulous with my car that they thought there was a single piece of hair under the freshly put down clear bra on my hood that they took it off to make sure and redid the bra. If you are looking for perfection to make your cars shine last, Colorado Clear Bra is the place to go!

Dan W.

August 31, 2015